Which motorcycle helmet to choose?

Motorcycle helmet is the most important part of a motorcycle’s clothing. Protects the most important organ, i.e. the brain. Choosing the right type and model is not easy. Many factors need to be taken into account, because it is important not only the type of motorcycle we have, but also our driving style and accessories, such as windscreens and deflectors.

Our safety in the event of an accident depends on the right helmet. In the case of head protection, it doesn’t matter whether we race on the track or ride quietly in the city. Falling down at any speed carries a risk, so it depends on the helmet how we cope.

Is it worth buying a more expensive motorcycle helmet?

There are many opinions that the first helmet is supposed to protect us from a fine, and if we start to drive better, we will buy something more “decent”. Nothing could be more wrong.

Regardless of whether we are just starting our adventure with motorcycles or we are experienced motorcyclists, the helmet should meet certain standards and be made of appropriate materials.
However, before we decide on a specific model, we should choose the type of helmet that will be appropriate for us. Some will fit on several types of helmets, others will fit only on the selected one.

What are the types of motorcycle helmets and what should I choose?

Helmets are divided into the following groups:

  • Integral helmets

This full helmets in which the shell consists of one element and covers the entire face. These helmets are very popular due to their good wind protection, good aerodynamics and a good degree of protection. They are divided into two groups: tourist and integral. Tourist helmets are profiled in such a way that you can travel in an upright position.

Sports helmets are designed to provide the best field of vision in a highly inclined position above the tank. Ventilation in these helmets is usually very high, which slightly increases their volume, but a large amount of air inside the helmet is advisable due to the large shipments associated with sports riding. On some models, the inlets are not even adjustable and are constantly open. To reduce weight, sport helmets usually do not have a sun blonde.

  • Open helmets

Have different designs, but what they have in common is that they do not have a jaw. The face in such helmets is uncovered and may be covered by a visor. These helmets are suitable for city riding, on classic, chopper, cruiser or cafe-racer motorcycles.

Such motorcycles usually travel slower, so the wind noise is not so noticeable, but at the same time increases comfort on warm and hot days. Models are available with a windscreen that covers virtually the entire face, so in the event of bad weather or driving at higher speeds, we can limit the airflow.

  • Jaw helmets

Combine the characteristics of integral and open helmets. Their shell is made up of two parts and the jaw is mounted on a hinge. This makes it possible to close the jaw and drive like an integral helmet, or open it and benefit from an open helmet. This allows us to talk or drink with someone without having to remove the helmet every time.

  • Off-road helmets

Designed for off-road use. Their design makes them the best environment for them. Off-road helmets are designed to be the best environment for off-road helmets. Therefore, one of the most important elements of such a helmet is efficient ventilation. In addition to standard inlets and ventilation ducts, the helmet has a jaw at some distance from the face.

This allows a large amount of air to flow around the head. Such helmets do not have a visor, so it is necessary to use goggles, which should also be ventilated. They protect the face from wind and dust, but do not restrict visibility and do not interfere with ventilation. The advantage of such helmets is their low weight.

Choosing a helmet is not the simplest thing to do, but it is worth spending enough time on it to choose a model that will meet our expectations, ensure proper safety and at the same time we will like it,
You can find many helmets at very low prices, but you should take into account that they usually do not have certificates and are made of materials that can be damaged by bare hands.

The lining in such helmets often fades very quickly, the viewfinders are scratched, the colour fades on the dubious quality shells and splinters appear. Such helmets were created only to prevent their user from getting a ticket, and yet this is not the most important thing. It is worth to take care of your safety, because a few hundred more for the purchased helmet, can save us many thousands for rehabilitation.