As a long-time road user I often noticed various signs of aggression and intolerance of traffic participants. The nervous behaviour of drivers can be understandable when they witness the blatant mistakes of others. Errors that can lead to misfortune or death. The problem that needs to be analysed separately is the worsening of intolerance resulting from the diversity of vehicles in motion.

Everyone knows that the history of communication and technological developments have divided vehicles on the road into several main groups. This makes sense and logic depending on the mode of transport. And each group tries to appreciate only themselves, while others have a number of characteristics that are willingly criticised.

The order in the chain (maybe not food) but the engine depends on: the size of the vehicle, speed, engine capacity. Also important are: price, brand, vintage, recently fashionable ecology.

The beginning of the stakes is opened by trucks, the so-called Tira trucks, hated by individuals, because especially those driving in a column are hard to overtake. You have to follow them for miles, because this is a continuous line and the traffic is too heavy.

You won’t move such a monster in front of you, you won’t scare it, because its mass is its trump card. They occupy most of the ether of the CB band with their tales. People know that truck transport has to exist, but it’s best if it’s on rails.

Then there are passenger cars, prevailing in number, in a hurry, not hurrying to suffer any slowers on the road. So the pedestrian on the lanes is bad, “he just wanted to cross the road as I’m driving”. Scooter, bike, bad because you have to overtake, look in the mirror to give the signal direction indicator. Those who overtake are called oxen with poor engines, if they overtake them they laugh with unnecessary bravado.

Then the bikes, the real ones with a specific capacity, the less to drive, and the more to watch the better. The more hours spent in the workshop, the better. Pierced, painted with airbrush, the best looking at the rallies and in front of the block, where chicks and teenagers drool even though they often have no idea what they’re looking at.

And their gears are so different from the smooth automatics of a scooter. Often motorcyclists demonise the difference between a motorcycle and a scooter in favour of their vehicle. But I don’t understand what’s cool about city riding in the constant shaking of the gear shift lever with your foot, in the frequent starting of the clutch. I feel like nothing more than a habit.

Noisy, although in decibels they are often overtaken by motorbikes, some cars. Maybe this problem is also due to the fact that scooters are mostly heard in urban traffic, where the engine volume is amplified by the reverberation of reflected sound from buildings, which are rarely experienced in such densities outside of the city. In contrast, passenger vehicles in urban traffic are less noisy at slower speeds.

The slowest, though easy to overtake, but faster, hurts to drag yourself so much. It is well known that every motor vehicle should have a power margin to speed up in extreme situations. Overtaking, getting into motion.

But in general, as the history of its existence indicates, a scooter was designed for urban driving with respect to the convenience of not only the driving itself, but also its use in general. Because using a scooter means not only driving, but also getting in and out of the vehicle.

Each vehicle has its own application and this has determined its characteristics. And so the truck is great, because it carries a load. For individual transport there is a car, so made to move short and long routes. And somehow nobody picks on the fact that there are 4 or 5 places and often one person drives.

A guest can afford it, he pays for gasoline. More economical motorcycles, unfortunately, are less safe. And finally they invented scooters, which in some circumstances can not be replaced by another means of transport.

However, I have the impression that the most criticised feature of scooters is the position of the seat in the vehicle and the characteristic shape of the rear part of the scooter, i.e. the seat with the whole shield below. Due to its similarity, the whole is associated with a toilet.

And no matter that the differences in the position of the seat in relation to other vehicles are not so glaring, the scooter will forever be stigmatized with the stench of the toilet. If you took off the car body in cars, you could see a very similar seat structure as in a scooter.

A motorcyclist is proud of his slanting figure with his legs spread like a whore, but their position is fine. Personally, I do not think that psychologically comfortable is the fact of such close proximity to the body of a motorcycle rider with quite a large tank full of gasoline. And no one is afraid that so much flammable liquid can explode in case of any problem. In the same way, when riding a scooter you don’t feel like sitting on a toilet.

Besides, I personally drive in a much backward position to keep my legs straight with my feet against the vertical wall of the front of the scooter. The theory says that it’s not professional, I don’t know why, because this silhouette allows me to cushion my legs in case of dynamic driving.

When braking suddenly, I better stabilize my body. In such a position it doesn’t look like sitting on a toilet, but rather like on a Harley, the legs do not protrude behind the shadow of the scooter’s structure.

Frequent injections into scooters are not supported by sensible facts, but just a simple manifestation of intolerance, hatred. A certain process of violence is created, strengthening trivialities of everyday life, distorting facts. This is reflected in the street and on the Internet on professional automotive websites.

Such a strange war is also noticed inside the scooter environment. Because people have different scooters. Greater capacity, i.e. the ability to pull higher speeds, a well-known brand, making its own improvements. All this can be a starting point for a conflict.

It must be honestly admitted that the above theories do not generally show the disastrous sociological situation of the environment. There are many users who understand the diversity of vehicles and approve of their more or less embarrassing defects. The aim of the article was to point out that there is a need to improve the situation for a large part of the friars.

So that what can be a misunderstanding in the commentary forum does not reflect as a real weapon on the road. Because that is where our life or health is concerned, and in the slightest case, our well-being.

Just as for many years we have marked the multitude of many creatures on Earth asking for tolerance, so let us not forget that the normal thing is to differentiate vehicles on the road and each of them if only legally allowed to drive has its own specific status on the asphalt.