Scooter and Women’s Motorcycle

From day to day, scooters and motorcycles are no longer the exclusive domain of men, becoming a comfortable vehicle to move around the city, commute to work, to the cinema or even to a longer expedition. However, every motorized woman should take care of her own safety, which is not the only thing that a helmet cares about. What shoes will allow you to ride comfortably without having to wear specific motorcycle clothing?

Motorcycle shoes – when you need them

Footwear is one of the most important elements of motorcycle and scooter outfits, as it protects the feet and has a significant impact on the deterioration or improvement of the comfort of cycling. In the case of motorcycles, it is even more important, as it affects gear changes and comfortable braking.

Inappropriate footwear can even melt near the exhaust pipe! Not to mention the fact that, for example, exposed shoes cause discomfort or even pain when changing gears.

Many motorcyclists go on the road wearing women’s sandals or even slippers on their feet. This is definitely inappropriate women’s shoes, which does not give the necessary grip and even threatens to break your fingers, even when riding a scooter.

Why motorcycle boots are necessary on longer routes:

  • They provide protection against wind and cold – even on long journeys, the feet do not freeze;
  • They protect against moisture and water. If you stop in a puddle or sudden rainfall, you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet;
  • They protect the ankle in case of an accident, collision or impact. They do not constitute 100% protection, but they stiffen the foot and minimize the risk of serious injuries.

If you move on a small motorcycle or scooter occasionally, putting on professional motorcycle shoes will be inconvenient.

However, when faced with the choice of shoes as a result of or on a motorbike, we should consider whether:

  • they lie well on the foot, not threatening to slip off in the event of emergency braking,
  • in the case of a motorcycle, whether they have a stiffened upper which will allow changing gears,
  • whether they stiffen the ankle – the most important thing for a motorcycle,
  • how quickly they’ll get wet in the event of uncertain weather,
  • whether the interior is breathable, allowing you to stay comfortable on warmer days,
  • whether it is easy to stop in them and keep the machine at a standstill (in the case of a motorcycle weighing even several hundred kilograms).

Which shoe models are suitable for scooters and motorcycles

You already know when it is worth to equip yourself with professional, reinforced shoes, and when traditional shoes are enough and how to choose them. Which models will work on a scooter and which on a motorcycle?

The best for a motorcycle will be motorcycle boots, which reach above the ankle, stick well to the foot and do not have too many ornaments. Classic women’s boots in black will be a great choice, and if you opt for a leather model, they will save your feet from moisture even in the event of unexpected rainfall.

Besides, fashionable cowgirl boots will work well on a motorcycle, but they shouldn’t be too wide, because they will slide off your foot. Women’s boots with bindings that wrap and stiffen the foot will also be comfortable. In summer we can also wear women’s oxford shoes with a stiff upper, but they will not be as safe as the models mentioned above, because they do not cover the ankle.

Other essential components on the scooter and motorcycle

In addition to footwear, it is worth remembering a few basic elements of clothing. If we do not want to equip ourselves with professional motorcycle clothes, because we think that we do not need them, we must nevertheless remember about some important accessories.

Both in the case of a scooter and a motorcycle a helmet is necessary, which is required by law. We can choose jawless, jawless, openable models, but the most important thing is that the product has the appropriate certificates and passed specialized tests. Only then can we be sure that it will protect our head in the event of an accident.

In addition to the helmet, gloves are very useful. If you do not want to buy products dedicated to a motorcycle, you can wear leather women’s gloves, which will also provide heat and protection in the event of precipitation.

Also practical are protective knee pads, which provide excellent protection against cold and falling (if they are stiffened). The number and thickness of the top layers depends on us, but the jacket should cover the back, and if you choose a softshell model, it will be much more comfortable than a regular jacket that does not protect against rain and wind.

A fashionable and safe woman on a bicycle

Footwear on a motorcycle or scooter is very important, so do not underestimate it and set off on a journey without prior preparation. Explaining to yourself that this journey to a shop 5 minutes away from home doesn’t change anything – an accident can happen anywhere and the right shoes will help us avoid it or reduce our injuries.

If you do not want to wear traditional shoes on a motorcycle, choose motorcycle boots or other models that will stiffen the ankle, provide good grip and will not slip off the foot while riding.