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How to dress on a road-tourist motorcycle? First and foremost is your safety and the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. Can’t decide to buy the right motorcycle clothing? Too high prices don’t leave you alone? The sooner you understand that the price results directly from the quality of the products, the less shock you will experience with your next purchase.

Here are some suggestions for the basic equipment of a motorcycle rider:

Motorcycle helmet

Never ride a motorcycle without a motorcycle helmet, as it protects your head from damage. It’s mandatory for every rider!

Motorcycle boots

The main task of motorcycle boots is to protect the entire foot, ankle joint and tendon. That is why it is worth buying shoes reaching above the ankle. Sometimes, it is hard to accept that sports shoes are not suitable for motorcycle riding…it is worth considering, however, that your feet also need protection from impacts and damage. There are a selection of shoes that are ideal for riding a road-tourism motorcycle.

Motorcycle jacket

Pay special attention to the security features of your motorcycle jacket. The basis is the protection on the elbows, shoulders and back. Remember that the protectors should not move! If you decide to wear textile clothing, check which membrane it has.

The membrane is an inner, waterproof and breathable layer. It can be integrated into the outer layer or detached. Additionally, motorcycle jackets have a “podpinka”, which protects the body against hypothermia. You can take it off on hot days, and when the temperature drops, you can come back in again.

Motorcycle pants

If you decide to buy motorcycle trousers, the best solution is to buy a set, i.e. the same model of jacket and motorcycle trousers. Why? Because you can combine them with a zipper. Both the jacket and trousers have a zipper, so you can connect the whole set together. A very practical solution that allows you to hide the kidney belt in the wardrobe.

Motorcycle trousers must have protectors on the hips and knees. As you measure, take a walk in them, sit down and check to see if any of the pads are tearing you apart. Some models, like jackets, have a detachable membrane. If you decide on such a model, fit the size of the trousers with the diaphragm fastened and the padded – otherwise, you may find that the trousers are too tight:-)

Motorcycle gloves

Protecting your hands is also very important, so make sure you wear motorcycle gloves. Check if they have wrist reinforcements and ankle reinforcements, which are particularly prone to abrasion. Gloves may be thinner if you use a heated glove, but this does not change the fact that they must have protectors.

You need to try the gloves on and see if they hurt you. It is best to catch a tube that will serve you as an imitation of motorcycle maneuvers:-) If the gloves are gonna hurt you after a while, check out the other size or model.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of motorcyclists safety. This translates into a choice of high quality motorcycle clothing and accessories.