Gadgets for a motorcyclist

A motorcycle does not have to be expensive to make it enjoyable and practical.

Motorcycle gloves

Special gloves should be an integral part of a motorcyclist’s outfit, so their new, additional pair is certainly a good idea. The most important thing is that they have reinforcements in areas that are particularly vulnerable to damage, but do not restrict the driver’s movement.

In specialist shops, it is worth looking for certified gloves made of high quality materials. It is worth knowing that on the market you can find both summer and winter variants, and another criterion is the type of motorcycle (sports gloves, enduro gloves, etc.).

Thermo-active underwear

Not only runners, cyclists and footballers, but also motorcyclists, who know the discomfort resulting from unfavourable weather conditions, are more and more willing to use thermoactive underwear.

Motorcycle backpack

When it comes to practical gadgets for motorcyclists, one of the most interesting is a backpack with a special construction and profiled suspenders that make it easier to ride not only upright, but also semi-right. They must also be aerodynamic, lightweight and durable, thus increasing the protection of the driver’s back.

Tank Bag

Persons who are sceptical about motorcycles usually point to the inability to carry luggage as an argument. And although this is difficult to argue with compared to other vehicles, there are ways to transport more items safely than in a backpack. Tank Bag is an ideal gift for a motorcycle rider, especially one who enjoys further trips. Motorcycle bags should be capacious, waterproof, durable and effectively attached to the vehicle.

Kidney belt with spinal protection

It is good if gadgets for a motorcycle rider affect not only his comfort but also his safety, as is the case with special kidney belts. Thanks to their body shape, they protect against colds and colds, to which motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable. In addition, they stiffen the back and thus reduce discomfort when riding for longer in an uncomfortable position. In the event of an accident, the sturdy belt provides additional protection for the lower back and abdomen.

Motorcycle battery charger

Another for a motorcycle rider is a special charger for a motorcycle battery, i.e. a part that needs regular inspection. Many motorcycle battery models are small in size and not very impressive in capacity, hence the risk of an unexpected discharge at the least appropriate time.

To prevent this, the motorcycle rider can use a special charger, which, thanks to electronic, modern control, automates most of the process, so it facilitates fast and safe power supply in home conditions. Of course, when we take care of our battery, it does not have the right to discharge at the “least appropriate moment”.

Workshop apron

Although not every motorcycle rider is a do-it-yourself, many like to bury their beloved machine. Every mechanic will confirm that even simple maintenance or diagnostics can turn into dirty work, so putting on a special, durable work apron seems like the best solution. Clothing protection, handy access to accessories in numerous pockets and comfort of movement are the biggest benefits of apron clothing, which now becomes one of the most practical ideas.

Phone holder for motorcycle phone

The motorcyclists you know are probably mobile phone users. Carrying a smartphone in a bag or pocket makes it impossible to use its features, which creates some discomfort for the driver.

Fortunately, there are special handles – gadgets for motorcyclists, which, although not expensive, solve the problem of access to the smartphone while driving. This gift will finally allow the rider to use navigation or control incoming calls. Choose durable and built-in handles to protect your sensitive screen from the elements.

Thematic details

A motorcycle rider does not have to be a practical addition. After all, there is no shortage of gadgets in the shops, which more or less refer to the automotive passion. If you are a fan of motorcycles, you usually like to emphasize this fact even if only with a symbolic trifle, such as a motorcycle key ring.

Motorcycle cleaning and care products

A decent motorcycle is not only fit and ready to ride, but also aesthetic, which fills the owner with pride. Nothing is accidental – you have to take care of your vehicle all the time, which is helped by special chemical preparations for chrome or plastic elements, as well as helmets and other equipment. This is the tenth, but certainly not the last idea for a for motorcyclists – this list can be successfully extended with all practical gadgets.